Major Publications of Ru-Shan Wu


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Special Issue edited:

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Recently Submitted Papers:

1.     Wu, R.S., 2018, Theoretical background for strong-scattering inversion, Communications in Computational Physics, submitted.

2.     Zu, Shaohuan, Zhou, Hui, Wu, Ru-Shan, Jiang, Maocai, Chen, Yangkang, 2018, The structure-oriented dictionary learning for seismic noise attenuation, Geophysics, Submitted.

3.     Shu Li, Yingpin Chen, Hao Wu, Ru-Shan Wu and Zhenming Peng, Multichannel impedance inversion in the frequency domain via anisotropic total variation with overlapping group sparsity regularization, Journal of inverse and ill-posed problems, Submitted.

4.     Feng B., Ru-Shan Wu, Huazhong Wang, 2018, High-order Rytov modeling for strong perturbation and long propagation distance, Communications in Computational Physics, submitted.

5.     Yong Hu, Ru-shan Wu, Li-guo Han*, Pan Zhang, 2018, Joint multi-scale direct envelope inversion of phase and amplitude in the time-frequency domain, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, in revision

6.     Chen, Guoxin, Ru-Shan Wu and Shengchang Chen, 2017, Multi-scale envelope inversion: algorithm and methodology for application to salt structure inversion, Geophysics, in review.

7.     Wang, Shoudong and Wu, Ru-Shan, 2016, Multi-Frequency contrast-source inversion for reflection seismic data, Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, submitted.

8.     Bao, Qianzong and Wu, Ru-Shan, 2016, Optimal sampling location design with mutual coherence based on compressive sensing, J. Appl. Geophysics, submitted.

9.     Li, J., Meng, X., Yang, Q., Wu, R.S., and Liang, Y., 2013, Efficient Surface-Aware Kinematic & Dynamic Ray-Tracing on Implicit Model Representation, Computational Physics, Submitted..

Published Papers:

1.     Wu, Ru-Shan , Guoxin Chen, 2018, Multi-scale seismic envelope inversion using a new envelope Fréchet derivative for strong-nonlinear full waveform inversion, arXiv: PDF

2.     Feng, B.,  R.S. Wu,  and H.Z. Wang, 2018, Automatic traveltime inversion via sparse decomposition of seismic data, Geophysics, in press.

3.     Zhang, Pan, Ru-Shan Wu and Liguo Han, 2018, Source-independent seismic envelope inversion based on the direct envelope Fréchet derivative, Geophysics, In press.

4.     Zhang, Pan, Ru-Shan Wu and Liguo Han, 2018, Seismic envelope inversion based on hybrid scale separation for data with strong noises. Pure and Applied Geophysics. In press.

5.     Gao, Zhaoqi, Zhibin Pan, Jinghuai Gao, and Ru-shan Wu, 2018, Frequency Controllable Envelope Operator and Its Application in Multi-scale Full waveform Inversion, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, (99):1-17. PDF

6.     Wang, Yuqing , Ru-Shan Wu, Guoxin Chen, and Zhenming Peng, 2018, Seismic modulation model and envelope inversion with smoothed apparent polarity, Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 15, 2278-2286. PDF

7.     You, Jiachun , Ru-Shan Wu, Xuewei Liu, 2018, One-way true-amplitude migration using Matrix-decomposition. Geophysics, 83(5), 1-48. PDF

8.     Luo, Jingrui and Ru-Shan Wu, 2018, Velocity and density reconstruction based on scattering angle separation, Pure and Applied Geophysics, PDF

9.     Luo, J., R.S. Wu and F. Gao, 2018, Time domain full waveform inversion using instantaneous phase information with damping, Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 15(3), 1032. PDF

10.  Chen, Guoxin, Ru-Shan Wu, Yuqing Wang and Shengchang Chen, 2018, Multi-scale signed envelope inversion, Journal of applied Geophysics, 153, 113-126. PDF

11.  Chen, Guoxin, Ru-Shan Wu and Shengchang Chen, 2018, Reflection Multi-Scale Envelope Inversion, Geophysical Prospecting, 1258-1271. PDF

12.  You, Jiachun, Rushan Wu, Xuewei Liu et al. 2018. Two-way wave equation based depth migration using one-way propagators on a bi-layer sensor seismic acquisition system. Geophysics. 83(3), S271-S278. PDF

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