Terrestrial crater counts- Evidence of a two to four-fold increase in bolide flux at 125MA (PDF)

NEW-- PAG -Tsunami Squares Approach to Landslide-Generated Waves, Three Gorges Landslide, 2008

NEW-- GJI- Simulation of Chehalis Lake Landslide and Tsunami, 2007

NEWEST-- Tsunami Squares Approach to El Picacho Landslide, El Salvador 1982

Reverberations on the Watery Element

ALLCAL Earthquake Simulator

The 1889 Johnstown Pennsylvania Flood, A physics-based Simulation

A Tsunami Ball Approach to Storm Surge and Inundation: Application to Hurricane Katrina (PDF)

The 1963 Landslide and Flood at Vaiont Reservoir Italy: A Tsunami Ball Simulation (PDF 15Mb)

The 1958 Lituya Bay Landslide and Tsunami: A Tsunami Ball Approach (PDF 27Mb)

Tsunami Balls: a Granular Approach to Tsunami Runup and Inundation (PDF)

EOS- Volcano Collapse-Generated Megatsunamis- Fact or Fiction?(PDF)

Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics -- Tsunami (PDF)

BSSA-Tsunami Hazard Evaluation of the Eastern Mediterranean(PDF)

Tsunami Thoughts. Canadian Soc. Exploration Geophysicists (PDF)

JGR- Planetary Cratering: A Probabilistic Approach (PDF)

Encyclopedia of Physical Science -- Tsunamis (PDF)

Icarus- Asteroid Impact Tsunami: A Probabilistic Hazard Assessment (PDF)

Deep Sea Research- Impact Tsunami Eltanin (PDF)

GJI- Asteroid Impact Tsunami of 16 March, 2880 (PDF)

J. Nat. Haz.- Impact-generated tsunami: A quantitative assessment of human and economic hazard (PDF)

2002 Yearbook of Science and Technology- Suboceanic Landslides (PDF)

JGR- Landslide Tsunami (PDF)

NATURE- Slip sliding away (PDF)

GRL- Cumbre Vieja Volcano -- Potential collapse and tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands (PDF)

GJI - Ritter Island Volcano - Lateral collapse and tsunami of 1888 (PDF)

SCIENCE - Great Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake of 26 December 2004 (PDF)

American Scientist - Ancient Earthquakes at Lake Lucerne (PDF)

Research Notes: Tsunami a la Ward (MSword)

Research Notes: Tsunami Run Up by Formula (MSword)

BSSA - Earthquake Simulation by Restricted Random Walks (PDF)

GJI - Particulate kinematic simulations of debris avalanches - Mt. St. Helens (PDF)

SRL - Methods of evaluating earthquake potential in and around California (PDF)

JGR - San Francisco Bay Area Earthquake Simulations (PDF)