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            As a researcher and lecturer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, I focus on the analysis of induced seismicity, fault structure and earthquake source processes. My research aims to improve the documentation of fault hydrology and crustal stresses using laboratory experiments, analytical and numerical models and statistical analyses. My work includes projects in pure and applied geophysics, integrating observations and methods from a variety of disciplines such as rock mechanics, earthquake seismology and hydrogeology. Through this interdisciplinary work, I strive to tackle some key questions such as:
            How are stresses stored and released in the Earth's crust? What determines the expected size of an earthquake? How do faults and fault systems react to small stress perturbations e.g. as a result of fluid-injection or extraction? How are large earthquakes connected to micro-scale processes and what can these processes reveal about fault structure and crustal stresses?
            To address these issues, I conduct laboratory earthquake-analog experiments, analyze earthquake source parameters and crustal stress variations, determine moment tensors and model poroelastic stress changes that lead to induced seismicity.
    Take a look at my publication and research site for more details. Please contact me if your interested in collaborations. I am especially interested to discuss research opportunities and projects for undergraduate and graduate students.

Thomas Goebel    |    University of California, Santa Cruz    |    Seismological Laboratory
1156 High Street    |    Santa Cruz, CA 95064    |    tgoebel(at)ucsc.edu

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