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International and In-house isotopic reference materials for use in the UCSC Stable Isotope Laboratory
Standard NameCompoundδ13Cδ15Nδ18OδDwt% Cwt% Nwt% Owt% HComments
TCH (NH4)2SO4-0.1021.1948.431.51mw 132.14
IAEA N-2(NH4)2SO420.3021.1948.431.51
IAEA NO-3KNO34.7013.8547.48mw.101.1
TS Gelatin NSRL 451-12.515.68
Pugel -12.625.6044.0216.44
Acetanilide-IUC8H9NO-29.321.2271.0910.3611.846.71Indiana Univ. Schimmellman
Amino Benzoic AcidC7H7NO2-27.70-4.8661.4110.21
Bowhead Whale BaleenC28H48N2O32S4-18.514.0641.6715.34
IAEA 601 - Benzoic Acid C6H5COOH-28.8123.1468.7826.204.91ciaaw.org
IAEA 602 - Benzoic Acid C6H5COOH-28.8571.2868.7826.204.91ciaaw.org
Hekatek - Benzoic AcidC7H6O220.78 ± 0.2268.7826.204.91internal calibration (mw = 122.12)
Benzoic AcidC7H6O268.7826.204.91122.12
NaNO3NaNO37.10 32.9556.48
UreaCH4N2O 20.0046.6726.676.67
GK GraphiteGraphite-25.00100.00
NIST USGS24Graphite-16.00100.00
Standard NameCompoundδ13Cδ15Nδ18OδDwt% Cwt% Nwt% Owt% HComments
Fisher Silver PhosphateAg3PO4 8.415.289mw = 418.58
Ellen Gray std (UCSC High)Ag3PO4 19.015.289mw = 418.58
UCSC LowAg3PO4 12.215.289mw = 418.58
UCSC HighAg3PO4 21.515.289mw = 418.58
Sigma-Aldrich Silver PhosphateAg3PO4 12.015.289approximate
Kodak Silver PhosphateAg3PO4 18.0615.289mw = 418.58
Paytan-USGS Std Low Silver PhosphateAg3PO4 11.315.289mw = 418.58
Paytan-USGS Std High Silver PhosphateAg3PO4 20.015.289mw = 418.58
USGS-1 Std High Silver PhosphateAg3PO4 9.815.289approximate
USGS-2 Std High Silver PhosphateAg3PO4 1.615.289mw = 418.58
USGS-3 Std High Silver PhosphateAg3PO4 10.915.289mw = 418.58
USGS-4 Std High Silver PhosphateAg3PO4 102.415.289approximate
USGS-5 Std High Silver PhosphateAg3PO4 128.415.289approximate
Tamburini Silver PhosphateAg3PO4 14.015.289mw = 418.58
NIST SRM-120c Florida Phosphate RockCa5(PO4)2.5(CO3)0.5F 22.58Venneman et al. 2002
NIST SRM-694 Western Phosphate RockCa5(PO4)2.5(CO3)0.5F13.00carbonate fluorapatite
C76-6 1975 Apatite Std
UWG-2 Gore Mtn Garnet Std.5.80Valley et al 1995 GCA pg.5223
IS-1 Icelandic Spar-10.00reported value approximate
PEF1 Polyethylene Foil NIST Ref # 8540Polyethylene-31.80-100.30
NBS-22 Hydro. StdOil-29.70 -118.50Oil
Standard NameCompoundδ13Cδ15Nδ18OδDwt% Cwt% Nwt% Owt% HComments
Wiley (OSU Carbonate Std).CaCO3
LV2 (UM)
Curacao Coral < 63 ┬ÁmCaCO3
Atlantus II (Coral Aragonite)CaCO30.873.41
Elephant Enamel (EE) StdCaCO3
Carerra MarbleCaCO32.05-1.91
Carerra Marble (CM05)CaCO31.97-1.61
SMOW waterH2O0.000.0
SLAP waterH2O-55.50-428.0
GRIP waterH2O-24.80-190.0
Santa Cruz Distilled Water (SCDW)H2O-5.51-34.1
Saskatoon WaterH2O-16.40-131.8
Taylor DomeH2O-35.34-281.4
Truckee Tap WaterH2O4.15-36.0
Ross Sea Ice ShelfH2O-22.45-173.3
Deuterium Depleted WaterH2O-15.5-129.4
UCSC Sodium Bicarbonate NaHCO3-5.33
MAL-Rob Sodium BicarbonateNaHCO3-25.13
UCSC2 Sodium BicarbonateNaHCO3-20.23
UC Davis - Sodium CarbonateNa2CO3-0.38
1085 6H-1 107-109Marine SedimentCarbonate Rich (~1% Corg)
ODP Leg 198 SRS-1Marine Sediment
Standard NameCompoundδ13Cδ15Nδ18OδDnwt% Cwt% Nwt% Owt% HComments
Bozeman Horse Hair-108Non-exchangeable H value
Poco Horse Hair-56Non-exchangeable H value
La Paz Alpaca Hair-65Non-exchangeable H value
S. Polar Skua Feather2Non-exchangeable H value
OK Woodpecker Feather-5Provisional