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Education Opportunity Program (EOP) STEM Transfer Weekend

September 15-16, 2018

Program Directed by Dr. Matt McCarthy - UCSC Ocean Sciences

Day 1: Saturday Start: 1:15 PM

  • Introduction to hands-on science opportunites in physical and biological sciences
  • Introduction to Stable isotopes
  • Introduction to UCSC Stable Isotope Laboratory
  • Hands-on group experiment
  • Time (min) Activity
    20 * Introductions/ ice breaker activity ( 4-corners; "most exciting science field in your lifetime" ?)
    20 1) Introduction to Physical and Biological Sciences; Getting involved with research at UCSC.
    20 2) Introduction to stable isotopes and UCSC stable isotope lab
    30 HANDS ON : stable isotope activity; stable isotope systematics, lab activity.
    15 ----------------------------------------Break-----------------------------------------------------
    20 3) What you can do with stable isotopes? Introduction to diversity of fields/ research
    20 4) Introduction to group hair / diet experiment
    30 HANDS ON: Class hair, diet experiment ( make predictions as groups, collect hair samples )
    30 Stable Isotope Laboratory and instrumentation tour

  • End: 4:30 PM

  • Day 2: Sunday Start: 9 AM

  • Guest Presentations and meet scientists
  • Introduction to selected research
  • Group project data interpretation!
  • Time (min) Activity
    20 Introduction to UCSC labs that use stable isotopes in SIL; McCarthy lab & deep sea vents.
    20 Ocean Biogeochemical cyclesi - Dr. Hilary Close, University of Miami
    25 Anthropology/ human evolution - Dr. Vicky Olenz UCSC Anthropology
    25 Antarctica-shifting climate - Dr. Luis Huckstadt UCSC Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    10 ----------------------------------------Break----------------------------------------------
    20 Deep sea Corals and Paleo-reconstructions - Danielle Glynn UCSC Ocean Sciences
    30 HANDS ON : Hair data experiment: group data interpretation
    25 Questionaire, reprise research activity importance (or groups?)

  • End: 12:00 PM