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Useful references for Elemental Analyzer samples

Blank correction methodology for EA δ13C and δ15N data

Brian Fry, Willi Brand, F. J. Mersch, K. Tholke, R. Garritt, Automated analysis system for coupled &delta13C and δ15N measurements , Anal. Chem., 1992, 64 (3), pp 288291, DOI: 10.1021/ac00027a009

Sulfur Isotope Analysis techniques.

Brian Fry, Steven R. Silva, Carol Kendall, Richard K. Anderson, Oxygen isotope corrections for online δ34S analysis, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, v.16, p.854-858.

Siderite removal for δ13C, %C and C/N ratio analysis.

Larson, T.E., Heikoop, J.M., Perkins,G. Chipera, S., Hess, M. (2008) Pretreatment technique for siderite removal from organic samples for carbon isotope and C:N analysis in geological samples., Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, v.22, p.865-872.

Macrofauna calcification removal (e.g., Sea Urchins).

Kolasinski J, Rogers K, Frouin P 2008, Effects of acidification on carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes of benthic macrofauna from a tropical coral reef. Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 2008; 22: 2955-2960

Choice of Solvents on δ13C EA results.

Schlechtriem, C. H., Focken, U. & Becker, K. (2003). , Effect of different lipid extraction methods on d13C of lipid and lipid-free fractions of fish and different fish feeds. Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies 39, 135-140.

Ruiz, N., Dubois, N., Wielgosz-Collin, G., du Pont, T. R., Berge, J.-.P, ouchus, Y. F., Barnathan., G. (2007). , Lipid content and fatty acid composition of a marine-derived Trichoderma longibrachiatum strain cultured by agar surface and submerged fermentations. Process Biochemistry 42, 676-680

Delta+XP 24VDC/5VDC 3rd Party Power Supply

Supplier: Integrated Power Designs: www.ipd.power.com Phone: 570-824-4666

Dual output power supply. Product no. CE-225-2101 with Cover - $273.60

Though size wise identical it is not just a plain swap. You have to tweak it a bit.

- To mount it on the metal plate (the original supply was on) you have to drill holes on the back plate by removing the board.
- The 220V input is two pin molex type with ground a separate spade type connector ( The original supply has a 3 pin molex type connector). But the two pins are spaced out so you need to buy a 3pin connector and not use the center one when connecting to the new supply. Clip the ground (Green and Yellow) and put a spade connector on it.
- The DC output is 18pin (original is 20pin) so you need to buy 18pin molex connector.

I got all these from mouserelectronics.com ( http://www.mouser.com/catalog/catalogUSD/641/1460.pdf)

The part numbers are: 538-09-50-3031 (three pin)
538-08-50-0189 (crimp pins)
538-09-50-3181 (18pin connector)

- The original specs of the Philips power supply are as follows: AC 110/230V, 6A/3A 47-63Hz DC 24V/8A DC5V/6A

- When using CE-225-2101 or any other compatible power supply, there is no need to re-connect the jumpers as on the original. Just the Brown and blue leads for 24V and 5V, that's all.

Conflo III,Conflo IV, and Delta Plus XP Manuals and Brochures

Conflo III Interface Manual

Conflo III Interface Brochure

Conflo IV Manual

Delta Plus XP Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer Manual

Delta V Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer Manual