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Fractionation factors for selected mineral samples

Isotope ratio mass spectrometer oxygen isotopic data must have the appropriate mineral/temperature fractionation correction applied.

Mineral Fractionation Factor References

Mineral, TemperatureFractionation FactorReference
calcite, 25°C α = 1.01025 Friedman & O`Neil, 1977; Sharma & Clayton, 1965
calcite, 50°C α = 1.009306 Swart et al., 1991
dolomite, 50°C α = 1.01065 Rosenbaum & Sheppard, 1986
ankerite, 50°C α = 1.010603 Rosenbaum & Sheppard, 1986
siderite, 50°C α = 1.010454 Rosenbaum & Sheppard, 1986
magnesite, 50°C α = 1.01160 Perry and Tan, 1972
rhodochrosite, 25°C α = 1.0101203 Friedman & O`Neil, 1977
witherite, 25°C α = 1.0109697 Friedman & O`Neil, 1977


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Sharma, T., & Clayton, R.N., (1965). Measurement of 18O/16O ratios of total oxygen of carbonates. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, vol. 29, pp. 1347-1353.

Swart, P.K., Burns, B.J. & Leder, J.J., (1991). Fractionation of the stable isotopes of oxygen and carbon in carbon dioxide during the reaction of calcite with phosphoric acid as a function of temperature and technique. Chemical Geology (Isotope Geoscience Section), vol. 86, pp. 89-96.