Xiao-Bi Xie

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Dr. Xie's research involves wave propagation and subsurface imaging techniques. He is a core member of Dr. Ru-Shan Wu's Modeling and Imaging Laboratory, and their joint work has revolutionized subsurface imaging techniques. A primary focus of this study has been the development of the phase screen method, based on perturbation theory using a small angle approximation. During this review period Dr. Xie led the development of the wide angle improvement in both the acoustic and elastic screen methods, resulting in the ability to obtain superior imaging in the presence of large velocity perturbations and broad scattering. In addition, he independently developed a 2D post stack and prestack migration code based on the wide-angle method, which generated excellent results for both synthetic and real data sets. In addition to this work, Dr. Xie developed a method for computing horizontally polarized shear wave propagation of Lg waves in a crustal wave guide. In particular, this method includes an irregular rough surface and the method has been applied successfully in monitoring subsurface bomb tests, of great value to the CTBT.