Thorne Lay

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I offer the upper division/introductory graduate class 270, Global Seismology, which provides basic elasticity, elastodynamics and source theory for pursuing applications of seismic wave analysis. This class is commonly taken by all seismology graduate students, and does not require prior background in seismology, but familiarity with calculus and differential equations is needed. My graduate teaching includes topical seminars which are usually co-taugh, and lectures courses in the advanced seismology sequence 278A,B,C, which is offered as demand arises. Advanced solutions to transient source problems are developed in this sequence for body waves and surface waves.

I now offer EART 118, Seismotectonics in alternate years with 170, this is an upper division class on the basic role of seismology in understanding tectonic processes and structures.

I have taught two lower division classes. EART4, Earth Sciences and the Cinema, is a topical class on the presentation of Earth Sciences concepts in cinematic presentations. This is not currently offered. I annually teach EART2 Earth Catastrophes, which is an introductory class on the role of catastrophic processes in the history of the Earth and its biosphere.

I also contribute to the shared graduate classes EART204 and EART205, in which faculty give overview lectures and research lectures, and have co-taught the Great Papers in the Earth Sciences class required for all graduate students in our program.