Susan Schwartz

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ES 3: Geology of National Parks Online

This general education class is activity-based and was collaboratively created by three Earth Science faculty members from UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, and UC San Diego. This course covers introductory geologic concepts with special focus on U.S. National Parks.

Through a series of activities, mini-lectures and readings, geologic processes and their control on landscapes in our parks are explored. Along the way the concepts of geologic time, plate tectonics and how the rock record can be used to reconstruct the geological story of the parks are covered.

ES 104: Geological Hazards

Is anywhere safe from geologic hazards? Can we prevent them, or should we learn to live with the hazards around us? This course will explore the causes, effects, and societal response to geologic disasters. We will see that by studying and learning from previous disasters, strategies to avert them or mitigate their effects can be developed. We will investigate a variety of geologic hazards and related disasters including earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, flooding, landslides, and coastal erosion. This course will emphasize both active learning exercises and geologic or hazard report preparation in the investigation of geologic hazards.

ES 290P: Interdiscipinary Topics in the Earth Sciences