Emily Brodsky

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Office: Earth & Marine Sci. C370
Telephone: (831) 459-1854
Fax: (831) 459-3074

Why do earthquakes start? What makes them get big? Why do they stop? I am trying to answer these questions by studying earthquake triggering, hydrogeology, fault zone structure and friction. These studies require using tools from a variety of geoscience disciplines including seismology, hydrogeology, structural geology, and rock mechanics. My group also utilizes tools from non-geoscience fields such as experimental rheology, statistics, and materials science.

The exploration of the mechanics underlying earthquakes has led into studies of other geophysical processs that involve some combination of friction, failure and fluid flow. This work includes studies on permeability that changes over time, the preparatory processes of volcanic eruptions, slow slip on ice streams, granular flow of beach sand and bedload transport in rivers.


California Institute of Technology, Sep 95-Oct 00, Ph.D.
Harvard University, Sep 91-Jun 95, B.A. Magna cum laude


2021 Price Medal Royal Astronomical Society
2019 Fellow of the Geological Society of America
2019 George P. Wollard Award of the Geological Society of America
2019 Gutenberg Lecturer of the American Geophysical Union
2017-2018 IODP Ocean Discovery Distinguished Lecturer
2010 Geo-Prisms Distinguished Lecturer
2009 Earthscope Distinguished Lecturer
2008 American Geophysical Union Macelwane Award
2006 Seismological Society of America Richter Award