Cyberslug SlugView 3.4.2 Cyberslug

SlugView is a 3-Dimensional point-cloud visualization and editing tool.

Contact: Lynne Newberry Feedback is encouraged. Please include "SlugView" in the title.

Requirement: Java version 1.7+ (Get Java)

Last update: October 2017

Download SlugView installer (for all platforms)
Note: File must be saved, not just opened. More instructions are found in this pdf (names are out-of-date, but instructions are still valid).

Slugview Manual

Version 3.4.2 Notes:

Version 3.4.1 Notes:

Version 3.0 Notes:

Version 2.2 Notes:

Version 2.1 Notes:

Installation Instructions:

Running SlugView:

Open the SlugView folder (after it is installed) and run:

Sample files:

SlugView screen shot screenshot of
venere.svn(123 MB) cliff.svn(174 KB)