110A. Evolution of the Earth. F

Investigation of the processes and mechanisms that have produced the present Earth system, with an emphasis on the temporal evolution of the earth from the Archean to the present. Specific topics covered include cyclicity in Earth processes and the evolution of, and interplay between the planetıs crust, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. Enrollment is permitted by permission code with equivalent or exceptional background, or if enrolled concurrently in course 10 and Mathematics 11A.
Prerequisites: course 10 or 5 or 20, and 10L or 5L or 20L, and Mathematics 11A.

110L. Evolution of the Earth Laboratory (2 credits). F

Laboratory sequence illustrating topics covered in course 110A. Emphasis is on quantifying and evaluating different phenomena related to thermal, tectonic, climatic, and evolutionary processes.
Prerequisite: concurrent enrollment in course 110A.

*134. Thermochemistry of Geologic Systems.

Introduction to the thermodynamic and kinetic principles with a strong emphasis on applications to Earth materials. Implications for phase equilibria, geothermometry/geobarometry, element partitioning, and physical properties of minerals, magmas, and solutions. Will be offered in the 2001-02 academic year.
Prerequisite: course 110B.

205. Introductory Graduate Seminar. F

Each week a different faculty member conducts a seminar or a field trip concerned with one of his or her specialties. Students will write weekly abstracts and select one of these topics for a major written report. Two weekend field trips. Enrollment restricted to Earth sciences graduate students.

290R. Topics in the Chemistry and Physics of the Earth. S

Explores problems and current research developments in the application of physics and chemistry to planetary interiors. Topics differ from year to year and include, but are not limited to, research related to the accretion, differentiation, evolution, and structure of the terrestrial planets. Course designed for graduate students but available to qualified Earth sciences majors. May be repeated for credit. Offered in alternate academic years.