Past Graduate Students Advised as Primary or Joint Research Advisor


Daniel Farber, Ph.D. (1994), presently staff member at Lawrence Livermore National Labs (post-doc at UCLA 1994-96).

Claire Closmann, Ph.D. (1995--joint with E. Knittle), last position post-doctoral researcher, Dept. of Chemistry, Oregon State University.

Craig Lundstrom, Ph.D. (1996--joint with J. Gill), presently Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Phillip Cervantes, Ph.D. (1997-joint with Physics), presently Professor, Dept. of Physics, Colorado College.

Eli Morris, M.S., (1996), presently Technical Staff,  Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, UCSC.

Chris Larsen, M.S. (1996), presently Researcher, Glaciology, U. Alaska-Fairbanks.


Scott Bradbury, M.S. (2000), presently software consultant in the LA area.


Henry Scott, Ph.D. (2001-joint with E. Knittle), presently Associate Professor and Chair, Dept. of Physics, Indiana University at South Bend.


Murray Eiland, M.S. (2001), last Post-doc, Institut fur Mineralogie, Frankfurt, and Fulbright Fellow, University of Damascus (Syria).


Jennifer Adler, M.S. (2003), presently Geological Consultant, Los Gatos, CA.


Javier Santillan, Ph.D. (2004), presently Senior Engineer, Apple, Inc. (post-doc

at MIT, 2004-06)


George Ricco, M.S. (2006—with physics), presently graduate student in engineering, Purdue U.


Erin Doak, M.S. (2009), presently Coast Guard Officer


Earl O’Bannon Ph.D. (2017),  presently Post-doc, High-Pressure Physics Group, LLNL.


Current Graduate Students


Cara Vennari (Ph.D., in progress)


Genesis Berlanga (Ph.D., in progress)


Jason Ott (Ph.D., in progress)


Garrett Zeff (Ph.D., in progress)