Current and Recent Research Projects


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The California Current Transition Zone (CCTZ) 2010

Investigating a Mozaic of Productivity and Iron Limitation Off the California Coast

GEOTRACES Intercalibration 2008/2009

An International Collaboration Involving Trace Elements/Isotopes in Seawater

Gulf of Alaska (GoA) 2007

Eddie Transport of Metals and Nutrients From Coast to Gyre

River Influences on Shelf Ecosystems (RISE/IMUP) 2004-06

A Study of the Columbia River Plume

Sampling and Analysis of Iron Intercalibration: SAFe 2004

An International Collaboration Involving Dissolved Iron in Seawater

Center for Integrated Marine Technologies (CIMT)

Wind to Whales

The Bering Sea, Alaska 2003

Trace Metal Micronutrients and Phytoplankton Dynamics - a Focus On the Bering Sea and the Role of Iron

San Francisco Bay, California

Copper Speciation in an Urban Estuary


Center for Environmental Bioinorganic Chemistry, Princeton University

Chemical Analysis and Research on the Biological Dynamics of Iron in the Sea CHARYBDIS)

"The Peru Cruise 2000"

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