Photo of a Columbia River channel buoy in a large rip-current
Columbia River channel rip current
RISE4 2006
photo of photo of a 6 foot long Mola Mola (Sunfish)
Six foot Mola Mola,
RISE3 2005

Cruise Photos

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photo of Ken and John Martin (seated) with others during the Hawaii 1977 cruise
Scientific Party
RV Pt. Sur
Hawaii 1977
photo of Kristen, Ana, and Maeve in their Halloween costumes as a nun, prisoner, and an Irish Lass on the Melville during SAFe
SAFe 2004
photo of Maeve explaining an oceanographic point to Carolyn during GO-Flo operations on RISE3 2005
Maeve and Carolyn,
RISE3 2005
photo of Ken overseeing deck operations during SAFe
SAFe 2004
photo of a very very large large Mola Mola (Sunfish) seen during the RISE2 2005 cruise
Very very
large large
Mola Mola,
RISE3 2005
photo of Carolyn keeping in touch at sea with her cell phone during RISE2 2005
Phone home,
RISE2 2005
photo of Bettina and Art working on the Lachat Nutrient Analyzer on the Kilo Moana, Bering Sea 2003
Tina and Art
Bering Sea 2003
photo of Ken, Maeve, Sherry, Shellie, and Meredith all at their laptop computers in the Pt.Sur lab during IMUP 2004
Laptop Gang,
IMUP 2004
photo of the RV Pt. Sur entering Yaquina Bay under the Highway 1 bridge in Newport Oregon
RV Pt. Sur,
RISE3 2005
photo of Geo sleeping on the job on a long day during RISE
Geo's long day,
Rise4 2006
photo of walruses lounging in the sun on a rocky beach on the Bering Sea 2003
Walruses on the rocks,
Bering Sea 2003
photo of Ken on the stern of the Pt.Sur lab during IMUP 2004
Ken on a gray day,
IMUP 2004
photo of a rainbow over the coast during the Bering Sea 2003 cruise
Bering Sea 2003
photo of Meredith, Geo, Ken, and Doug deploying the Triaxis on the Pt.Sur lab during IMUP 2004
Triaxis deployment,
IMUP 2004
photo of Clint, unknown, Ken, and Graham soaking up the sun during the Bering Sea 2003 cruise
Bering Sea 2003
photo of Ken deploying the hydroweight on the RV Pt. Sur during IMUP 2004
GO-Flo Ops,
IMUP 2004
photo of Ana and Maeve having a party on the ice with the penguins during DiTullio's cruise in Antarctica on the PV Palmer in 2005
Maeve and Ana,
Antarctica 2005
photo of photo of Ken working in the "bio-bubble" during Bering Sea 2003
Bering Sea 2003
photo of Bettina catching a few z's in the much sought after beenbag chair during a RISE cruise
Tina's beanbag dreams,
RISE3 2005
photo of wave breaking over the bow of the RV Melville on a not so nice day at sea!
Jenn, Edie,
Ken, and Geo
Peru 2000
photo of wave breaking over the bow of the RV Melville on a not so nice day at sea!
Fun day,
SAFe 2004
photo of Jack DiTullio (the royal barber), Ken (King Neptune), Dave Hutchins (his Queen), and the Royal Baby during the Equator crossing ceremony during Peru 2000
Royal Court
Peru 2000
photo of Maeve not so patiently waiting for the first cup of coffee for the day (also very important to many others besides Maeve)
RISE 2004-2006
photo of Dolphins Surfing the bow, RISE4 2005
Surfing Dolphins,
RISE4 2005
photo of Matt Hurst, Maeve, Meredith (the birthday girl in a pink tiara), Kristen, and Ken
Meredith's B'day,
IMUP 2004
photo of Meredith and her pink gloves at her birthday party during IMUP 2004
Pink gloves!
IMUP 2004
photo of Ken looking through the port hole into the porta-lab
Ken through the
port hole!
photo of Jenn hanging from the port hole in the porta-lab door trying to keep her feet dry during SQUIRTS 1999
Jenn trying to
keep dry feet!
photo of a Humpback whale during SQUIRTS 1999
Thar' she blows!
photo of Ken running the trace-metal winch during Peru 2000
Ken running
the winch
Peru 2000
photo of Jenn and her Lachat nutrient analyzer during SQUIRTS 1999
Jenn's world
photo of the Farallon Islands during SQUIRTS 1999
Farallon Islands
photo of Ken and Laura with Galapagos tortoises
Galapagos Islands
Peru 2000
photo of Ken wearing the "Gordon" shorts
The "Gordon" shorts
IMUP 2004
photo of Eden Rue and Heather Macrellis on the bow of the Pt Sur with the Farallon Islands in the distance behind them
Ed and Heather

Equipment Photos

photo of our quartz photo-exposure cells
Quartz photo-incubation cells
RISE4 2006
photo of the main deck and 01 deck taken from the crows nest of the RV Pt Sur during SQUIRTS 1999
Crows nest,
photo of Geo's fish happily swimming in clear blue oligotrophic North Pacific waters (Solas' favorite!)
Geo's tow-fish
photo the AV clean bench showing two hanging Hanging Mercury Drop Electrode units at sea during SQUIRTS 1999
Dual Hanging HMDE
photo of our filter rig to collect different fractions of the dissolved and particulate phases
Size fractionation filter rig
photo of two of Ken's General Oceanics GO-Flo samplng bottles mounted in the holding box on the side of the porta-lab
30L GO-Flos
photo of the "Porta-Lab" sampling bench with filters rigged for sequential size fractionation filtration of water from the underway tow fish sampling system
Porta-lab sampling station
photo of the CTD rosette in very clear water.
RV Pt. Sur rosette
photo of Ken's dual quartz sub-boiling stills in our clean-lab
Clean Lab Q-stills
photo of loading Ken's "Analytical Van" onto the Kilo Moana for the Bering Sea 2003 cruise
Loading AV,
Bering Sea 2003
photo of the tow-fish rigging used on the RV Pt Sur during several cruises
Tow-fish rigging
RV Pt. Sur
photo of the CTD rosette used on the RV Pt Sur during SQUIRTS 1999
RV Pt. Sur CTD
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