James Zachos: Forthcoming/Past Lectures

Date                Location  (*virtual)

8-Jan-21*       School of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei,

18-Nov-20*    Univ. of California, Santa Cruz, Kraw Lecture

30-Mar-20     UCSD Scripps Inst. of Oceanography

30-Jan-20      SJSU Moss Landing Marine Lab

25-April-19    Yale University

22-April-19    Peabody Museum, Yale University, Public Lecture

26-Mar-19     Pennsylvania  State University

4-Mar-19       Univ. California Berkeley

12-Feb-19      Univ. California Los Angeles

14-Aug-18     Goldschmidt Conference, Boston

24-Jan-18      Univ. of South Carolina

29-Mar-18     Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Jan-Mar 18    Phi Beta Kappa Lectures

16-Nov-17     U. of Wyoming

20-Oct-17      U. of Massachusetts

5-Sep-17        Snowbird UT, CBEP

24-Jun-17      Wuhan, China, International Geobiology Conference

26-Oct-16      Denver, CO, GSA Annual Meeting

19-Apr-16      Vienna, Austria, EGU

30-Oct-15      University of Chicago

29-Oct-15      Northwestern Univ.

1-Sep-15        Wrigley Inst., Catalina Island

24-Feb-15      University of Texas

30-Oct-14      Columbia University, LDEO

02-July-14     Ferrara, Italy,  CBEP14

27-May-14     Namur, Belgium, PMIP3

21-May-14     Stanford Univ., Earth Environmental System Sciences Inst.

09-May-14     UC Riverside, EDGE Institute

20-Mar-14    Syracuse University, Chauncey D. Holmes Lecture

27-Feb-14      U. of Utah

24-June-13    U. of Wisconsin

13-June-13    U. Rhode Island, Metcalf Institute, Annual Public Lecture

19-April-13   CSU-CI, Poe Symposium  

28-Feb-13     Bremen University

02-July-12    Univ. of Sao Paolo,  Frontiers in Earth Sciences Conference

18-May-12    Oxford Univ.

16-Feb-12     Univ. California, Berkeley

25-Oct-11      Princeton University

14-Oct-11     Southampton Oceanography Centre

10-Oct-11      Royal Society, London

25-July-11    Urbino, Italy, USSP Montefeltro Lecture

05-April-11    Vienna, European Geosciences Meeting

25-Feb-11      University of Southern California

03-Feb-11      University of Texas, Austin

22-Nov-10     Zurich, Switzerland, ETHZ

19-Nov-10     Fribourg, Switzerland, Swiss Geosciences Meeting

02-Nov-10     UK, Geologic Society London, Past Carbon Isotopic Events and Future Ecologies

01-Nov-10     UK, Imperial College London

19-Aug-10     Bremerhaven, AWI

18-May-10     Verbania, Italy

18-Mar-10     Moss Landing Marine Lab, CSUSJ

30-Oct-09      University of Michigan

8-Oct-09         Stanford University

24-Sept-09    Bremen, INVEST    

7-Sept-09       Granada,  Antarctic Climate Evolution Symposium

30-April-09    Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.

10-Feb-09      UC Santa Barbara 

14-Jan-09      Wellington,  Climate and  Biotic Events of the Paleogene

7-Oct-08         Houston,  Geologic Society America Meeting: Global Warming Science;   Patterns of Ecological and Climatic Change during the Paleocene

5-Oct-08          Houston,  Geologic Society America Meeting:  Climate Change through Time: Evidence in the Geologic Re

16-April-08    Vienna,   European Geophysical Union Annual Meeting

15-Feb-08      Boston,  2008 AAAS Annual Meeting

28-Nov-07      Kona, Hawaii, 50th Anniversary of the Global Carbon Dioxide Record Symposium

01-Nov-07      Brown University, Geological  Sciences  Colloquia

12-Oct-07      Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment & Earth Sciences

05-Oct-07      Bremen, Germany, GV International Conf. 2007

28-Sept-07    Barcelona, Spain, ESF Ocean Acid. Workshop

13-May-07     Pacific Grove, CA, PACLIM

13-April-07      LDEO, Columbia University

28-Mar-07       St. Cloud State, USSSP Distinguished Lecture Series

27-Mar-07    Univ. of Minnesota, USSSP Distinguished Lecture Series

26-Mar-07       Denver Museum of Nature and Science, USSSP Distinguished Lecture Series

23-Mar-07       ETHZ, Zurich

07-Feb-07       U of Colorado, USSSP Distinguished Lecture Series

19-Jan-07      Florida A & M, USSSP Distinguished Lecture Series

18-Jan-07      U of  Florida, Gainesville, Dept. of Geological Sciences

10-Jan-07     Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

12-Dec-06      AGU Emiliani Lecture [WEB CAST]

14-Nov-06       Royal Society, London, Discussion Meeting; Trace gas biogeochemistry and global change

5-Sept-06         Utrecht, Holland, UCG Symposium; Global warming, sea level change and biotic response: Past and Future

29-Aug-06       Fukuoka, Japan, ISC2006

26-July-06       University of Cambridge, Dept. of Earth Sciences

17-Feb-06       AAAS Meeting, St. Louis, Geosystems: Ancient Greenhouse Emissions and Hothouse Climate

11-Jan-06        UC Irvine, Dept of Earth System Science

09-Nov-05      Carnegie Institute, Dept of Global Ecology

26-Sept-05      Boulder, CO Seventh International Carbon Dioxide Conference

23-Sept-05      University of Wisconsin, Weeks Lecture

27-July-05      Woods Hole Ocean. Inst., 2005 Chapman Conference

11-Mar-05      University of Colorado, CIRES Distinguished Lecture Series

10-Feb-05       Harvard University, Atmosphere, Ocean, Climate Dynamic

11-Nov-04      School of Earth & Environment, Leeds University,UK                                                         

5-Nov-04        GEOMAR, University of Kiel, Germany                            

29-Oct-04       Southampton University Oceanography Centre, UK, HENRY CHARNOCK LECTURE 

19-Oct-04       Bremen University, Germany                                              

13-Oct-04       Open University, Milton Keynes, UK                                  

6-Sep-04         International Conference on Paleoceanography VIII, Biarritz, FR; INVITED                

20-Aug-04      International Geologic Congress, Florence, IT; INVITED   

10-Apr-04       University of Southern California                                        

10-Feb-04       Univ. of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography, Vetlesen Distinguished Lecture   

21-Jan-04        Stanford University                                                             

13-Nov-03      7th US Carbon Cycle Committee Meeting, Washington, D.C.                                       

8-Sep-03         Texas A&M University                                                       

14-Jul-03         GeoForschungs Zentrum Potsdam, Germany                     

18-Feb-03       Yale University                                                                    

14-Oct-02        Scripps Inst. of Oceanography                                                                                       

8-Mar-02         Vail Sealevel Symposium, Houston, INVITED                                                              

21-Feb-02       California Inst. of Technology                                      

7-Feb-02         Baker Institute for Public Policy, PUBLIC LECTURE Past Climate Change - Context for Present and Future Fluctuations                   

15-Nov-01       Purdue University                                      

27-Jun-01        Edinburgh GSA/GSL Conference             

4-Dec-00         Cardiff University                                       

9-Nov-00         Bremen University                                     

30-Oct-00        Oxford University                                      

16-Oct-00        Bristol University                                       

4-Jul-00           Australian Geologic Soc. Ann. Meeting, Sydney, KEYNOTE LECTURE                    

19-Apr-00       UC, Los Angeles                                        

4-Feb-00         University of Michigan, Turner Lecture            

26-Jan-00        UC, Santa Barbara                                     

27-Apr-99       Oceanography Society Sci. Conference, Reno, Nevada, INVITED

23-Mar-99       Utrecht University, Netherlands

16-Mar-98       University of Southern California

6-Mar-98         Princeton University

19-Jan-98        Museum National dÍHistore Naturelle Paris, France

29-Oct-97        Rice University

14-Sep-97       University of South Carolina

6-May-97        Penn. State University

1-Mar-96         CSU, San Jose

15-Oct-95        5th International. Conf. on Paleoceanography, Halifax; INVITED

7-Jul-95           Forams 94 Conference, UCB; INVITED

19-Apr-95       UC Davis

8-Mar-95         CSU Hayward

9-May-94        Slippery Rock State, JOI-USSAC DISTINGUISHED LECTURE

28-Apr-94       Michigan State, JOI-USSAC DISTINGUISHED LECTURE

16-Nov-93       UC, Santa Barbara

10-Oct-93        University of Alabama, JOI-USSAC DISTINGUISHED LECTURE

22-Sep-93       University of Iowa, JOI-USSAC DISTINGUISHED LECTURE

11-Sep-93       University of South Florida, JOI-USSAC DISTINGUISHED LECTURE

12-Aug-93      Penn. State Univ.

30-Apr-93       USGS, Menlo Park

12-Mar-93       UC, Berkeley

21-Feb-93       Stanford University

14-Feb-93       Scripps Inst. of Oceanography

23-Jan-93        UCLA

21-Apr-92       Harvard University

13-Feb-92        UC, Berkeley

12-Feb-92        UC, Santa Cruz

27-Aug-91       University of Hawaii

21-Aug-91       UC, Santa Barbara

21-Feb-91        Scripps Institute of Oceanography

25-Jan-91         University of Chicago

18-Jan-91         UC Santa Cruz