Cenozoic Paleoceanography, Geochemistry

Our research largely focuses on the evolution of climate and ocean chemistry over the last 65 m.y. of Earth history. We are particularly interested in the short-lived climatic extremes such as the Eocene transient thermal maxima or hyperthermals (i.e., the PETM and Elmo), as well as the Eocene-Oligocene appearance of Antarctic ice-sheets. What drove these climatic changes? What were the consequences? To address these questions we investigate marine sediments recovered by deep sea drilling, or by sampling of land-based outcrops of marine sequences. We use specific components of these sediments such as microfossils, and their stable isotope and elemental compositions, to reconstruct past environmental conditions.


Zachos Research Group

PostDocs & Graduate Students

Johanna Holo

B.S. U. of Chicago

Will Rush

M.S. U. of Oklahoma

Xiaodong Daisy Zhang M.S. Texas A&M U