I no longer teach courses but, for the record, here is what I taught most recently.

EART 130. Magmas and Volcanoes. (Igneous Petrology)
Principles of magmatic processes and volcanology. Phase diagrams, mineral chemistry, trace element and Sr-Nd isotope geochemistry, and calculating the effects of partial melting, crystal fractionation, and assimiliation. Systematic study of magmatism in major tectonic environments. Prerequisite course 110B. 

EART 209. Solid Earth Geochemistry.
Origin and distribution of the elements in the earth and meteorites; bulk and isotopic composition and differentiation of terrestrial planets, core, mantle, and crust; Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf-U isotopic tracers. Course designed for graduate students, but available to qualified earth sciences majors per instructor permission.

ENVS 152. Science and Land Use Decisions.
Technical and policy dimensions of major land use decisions will be assessed through a detailed case study. The first half of the course covers CEQA law and all technical aspects of CEQA analysis. The second half will be a case study in which each student assumes responsibility for one aspect of CEQA analysis (e.g., biological, anthropological, geological, traffic). Students will present written and oral analysis of an actual project, including public comment.