The relationship between graduate student and mentor is quite special and sometimes intense. I feel this way in part because of the chain that links me to V. M. Goldschmidt, the founder of geochemistry. Goldschmidt supervised Brian Mason who supervised Ross Taylor who, along with Bill Compston, supervised me at the ANU. One of the treats of working in a research university is the opportunity to be associated with a steady stream of bright aspirants to careers in teaching and research or other careers that benefit from research experience.

Graduate students and post-docs: at UCSC

• M. Hill (PhD 1978) professor Northeastern Univ., Boston. Retired

• B. Beyer (PhD 1978) purveyor of fine carpets; Ashland OR. Retired

• M. Morrice (PhD 1982) mineral exploration. Deceased;

• P. Jezek (Post-doc 1982) resource exploration and management. Retired

• A. Stork (PhD 1983) professor Colorado State College, Gunnison. Retired

• C. Nye (PhD 1983) Alaska Volcano Observatory. Retired

• D. Schwartz (MS 1984) NASA Ames. Retired

• M. Reagan (PhD 1987) professor Univ. Iowa, Iowa City. Retired

• R. Williams (PhD 1988), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Analytical and Nuclear Chemistry Division

• P. Whelan (PhD 1989), professor University of Minnesota, Morris. Deceased.

• E. Malavassi (PhD 1991) research professor Universidad Nacional, Heredia, Costa Rica. Retired.

• F. Hochstaedter (PhD 1991) professor Monterey Peninsula College;

• E. Widom (PhD 1991) professor University of Miami (OH);

• M. Clynne (PhD 1993) Volcano Hazards Program, USGS, Menlo Park;

• T. Cook (MS 1994) Science Writer, Boulder, Colorado

• O. Sigmarsson (Post-doc 1994) University of Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand

• C. Dunlap (PhD 1996) Director Research Competitiveness Program AAAS

• K. Hoernle (Post-doc 1996) GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany

• C. Lundstrom (PhD 1996) professor University of Illinois;

• A. Reyes (PhD 2000) professor, Westfield State University, MA

• F. Tepley (Post-doc 2002) Professor at Oregon State University

• D. Prinkey (MS 2003) school teacher, OH

• C. Ryder (MS 2004) school teacher, Norway

• F. Ramos (Post-doc 2005) Professor New Mexico State University

• J. Woodcock (MS, 2007) environmental geologist, Portland

• C. Harris (Post-doc 2009) Information technology, San Francisco

• D. Tollstrup (PhD 2010) Thermo Finnigan scientist

• E. Todd (PhD 2011) USGS Anchorage

• E. Drewes (MS 2011) USGS Anchorage

• D. Dreyer (Post-doc 2015)

PhD students and post-docs co-supervised elsewhere than UCSC after retirement:

Heather Cunningham, Macquarie University, Australia

Marion Lytle, University of Rhode Island

Guillaume Jacques, GEOMAR Germany

Allison Price, UC Santa Barbara

Heye Freymouth, Bristol University, UK

Sean Scott, New Mexico State University

Luan Heywood, Western Washington University

Sarah Mazza, University of Münster, Germany

Christian Marien, University of Cologne, Germany