Course title: Advanced Fluid Dynamics

Course number: PHYS 227

Instructor: Gary A Glatzmaier

Text: "Fluid Mechanics" by P.K. Kundu and I.M. Cohen

Course description:

Fundamental physical concepts and governing equations of heat transfer and fluid flow: thermal convection, gravity waves, vortex dynamics, viscous and inviscid flows and instabilities, turbulence. Besides lectures on these traditional topics in fluid dynamics, students will be taught how to write their own computer program to simulate nonlinear thermal convection and gravity waves in a two dimensional box of fluid. They will display their time-dependent simulations as computer graphical movies.



Week 1,2 - Concepts and equations of fluid dynamics and heat transfer

- Kundu and Cohen, chapters 1-4

Week 3,4 - Thermal convection and gravity waves

- Kundu and Cohen, chapters 7

Week 5 - Vorticity dynamics

- Kundu and Cohen, chapter 5

Week 6 - Irrotational, incompressible, inviscid flows

- Kundu and Cohen, chapter 6

Week 7 - Viscous and boundary layer flows

- Kundu and Cohen, chapter 9-10

Week 8 - Flow instabilities

- Kundu and Cohen, chapter 12

Week 9 - Turbulence

- Kundu and Cohen, chapter 13

Week 10 - Compressible, supersonic flows and shocks

- Kundu and Cohen, chapter 16