Course title: Physics of Stars

Course number: ASTR 112

Instructor: Gary A Glatzmaier

Text: "An Introduction to the Theory of Stellar Structure and Evolution" by Dina Prialnik

Course description:

This course provides a basic introduction to the theory of stellar structure and evolution. We begin with a brief review of observations of stars and what they tell us. Then we spend several weeks discussing the physical processes that govern the behavior of stars, followed by an application of these principles to develop a theory for the structure of main sequence stars. We complete the course with a discussion of stellar evolution.



Week 1 - Observing stars

Week 2 - Bulk properties of stars

Week 3 - Microphysics: thermodynamics

Week 4 - Microphysics: nuclear reactions

Week 5 - Macrophysics: hydrostatic equilibrium

Week 6 - Macrophysics: stability

Week 7 - Evolution: physical principles

Week 8 - Evolution: the beginning and the end

Week 9 - Evolution: the death of massive stars

Week 10 - Evolution: the stellar life cycle