Graduate Student Opportunities 2011

I may be looking for PhD students this year, particularly for studies in icy satellites. It is also worth contacting other planetary people associated with Santa Cruz to see if they have openings: Erik Asphaug, Gary Glatzmaier, Ian Garrick-Bethell, Misha Kreslavsky, Pascale Garaud, Jonathan Fortney, Jeff Cuzzi (NASA Ames), Jeff Moore (NASA Ames).

Many of my research ideas relate to either the Icy Satellites or Building Planets,  but there are plenty of other interesting problems too.  I am happy to consider other projects if someone has a particular interest. A strong grasp of physics and mathematics is essential.

The deadline for the graduate applications process is 5th Jan 2012. The online graduate applications form is available from here. Further information is available on the graduate program at UC Santa Cruz in general and for the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences in particular.

Applicants must have taken the general GRE exam prior to applying; I also encourage applicants to take the Physics GRE, though I don’t require it. Foreign applicants may also have to take a test of English proficiency. Although an applicant's GRE score and undergraduate performance is important, the most important part of any application is the letters of recommendation.



Last updated 14th Sept 2011

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