Software Projects

I am working on several software projects that might be of interest to others, particularly scientists.  The software used in these projects is available for download, but is not entirely documented.  Use at your own risk. NO WARRANTY!

HFR_Progs - A matlab toolbox for processing HF radar measurements
OpenMA - A matlab toolbox for performing Open-boundary Modal Analysis
HFRC - A toolbox for analyzing HF Radar-measured surface currents (old)
Settlement_DB - A database for larval settlement data
sixpack - A program to manage bibliographic references  
Various RPMs - Collection of RPMs I maintain

SETTLEMENT_DB: Database for storing and analyzing settlement data.

This is a database system designed for storing and analyzing marine invertebrate settlement data.  Although it is rather specific in design, it could probably serve as a template for designing other databases for ecological data.

The database was created using PostgreSQL.  It contains a M$ Access interface for adding and editing data.  In order to use this interface, you will need the PostgreSQL ODBC drivers.  Finally, there are a few perl scripts that access the PostgreSQL database and produce nice tables or averages/standard deviations which can be loaded into a spreadsheet or other data manipulation program quickly.

The installation of the database is documented in two steps.  On the server side, installing the PostgreSQL database on the server is explained here.  Connecting the M$ Access database to the PostgreSQL database is documented here.

Download here: settlement_db.current.tar.gz

SIXPACK: A program for import, manipulation and export of bibliographic references.

Sixpack is a program geared towards the management of personal databases of bibliographic references.  It is built using the bp Perl package for import/export of references and uses the Tk widget set.  I am currently one of two developers on the project that has passed through several hands over the years (the other current developer is Michael Lachmann).

The project is currently hosted by SourceForge at  Sources can be downloaded there.  

You can also download my own personal RPMS here:

Source RPM's:

"Binary" RPM's:

You might also find pyblink for sixpack useful.

You will also need perl-Tk for sixpack.  Recently, I have had difficulty finding decent RPMs for perl-Tk.  Try here for perl-Tk RPMs - it worked for me (or use apt-get).

The perl-bp binary RPM was compiled against perl-5.8.0 (Redhat 9).  If you don't have this version of perl, it might be better to use the source RPMs.  Don't forget to recompile the source rpm's with rpmbuild before installing.  Please let me know if you have any problems.

Maintained by: David M. Kaplan
Last Updated: August 1, 2006