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RADDATA2HFRC - convert NPS-style RADDATA files to HFRC objects.


function h = raddata2hfrc( filename, eps2 )


 RADDATA2HFRC - convert NPS-style RADDATA files to HFRC objects.

 Usage: hfrc_obj = raddata2hfrc( filename, eps )

 RADDATA file should be in the format produced by prepRadData.

 This function uses hfrc_obj.info to store relevant information about
 mat-file and data stored within.  hfrc_obj.U_error is used to store the
 radial uncertainties.  

 eps is distance in kms below which two grid points are considered equal.
 It is set to the floating point relative accuracy if absent.  Make sure
 eps is small enough that you never have two grid points in the same file
 unite to become one - this will probably cause errors.

 The final hfrc object is time sorted before being returned.

 NOTE: The method used here is quite slow.  It would be better to first
 load in all of the files, concat them together and then find the grid
 for all of the data points at once.  This, however, is a bit tricky and
 could result in memory problems for very large files.

 NOTE: The radial uncertainties are placed in hfrc_obj.U_error for lack
 of a better place.

 NOTE: This function is not very well tested.


     $Id: raddata2hfrc.m,v 1.8 2003-10-02 00:03:04 dmk Exp $    

 Copyright (C) 2001 David M. Kaplan
 Licence: GPL



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