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Matlab files in this directory:

 EOFEOF - computes EOF of a matrix.
 RUV2hfrcRUV2HFRC - convert text radial files produced by HFRadarmap Toolbox
 RUVreadFORMAT4READ - read in COURG or RUV format radial files (Mike Cooks's
 WERAreadWERAread - this script reads in WERA radials processed with Hawaii's
 areaAREA Area of a planar polygon.
 centroidCENTROID Center of mass of a polygon.
 colordotCOLORDOT - plots dots using colormap
 colordot3COLORDOT3 - plots dots using colormap
 complex_demodulateCOMPLEX_DEMODULATE - complex demodulation using a low pass filter.
 contour_vectorCONTOUR_VECTOR - makes a contour plot of vector data
 densityDENSITY - Calculates the spatial density of grid points around a
 distDIST - computes distance in between points in euclidean space.
 dist_to_lineDIST_TO_LINE - calculates distance a group of points is to a line.
 distance_barUsage: [bar_handle, text_handle, location] = distance_bar( distance, location )
 filttapperedFILTTAPPERED - filters with cosine tappering at ends.
 find_gapsFIND_GAPS - find zero sections in a vector of data.
 format2_2hfrcFORMAT2_2HFRC - convert text total vector files (format 2) to HFRC
 format2readFORMAT4READ - read format 2 CODAR total vector files
 format4_2hfrcFORMAT4_2HFRC - convert text total vector files (format 4) to HFRC
 format4readFORMAT4READ - read format 4 CODAR total vector files
 hfrc_toolbox_versionHFRC_TOOLBOX_VERSION - returns version of HFRC toolbox.
 interp2ScatteredINTERP2SCATTERED - Interpolate scattered data at individual points.
 isinpolyISIN = ISINPOLY(X,Y,XP,YP) Finds whether points with
 julian_dayJULIAN_DAY - returns the number of days since the start of year
 lonlat2angleLONLAT2ANGLE - Returns the angle from a point to a set of
 lonlat2distLONLAT2DIST - computes distance in kms between points.
 lonlat2mindistLONLAT2MINDIST - computes minimum distances in kms between points.
 m_colordotM_COLORDOT - plots dots using colormap
 m_distance_barUsage: [bar_handle, text_handle, location] = m_distance_bar( distance, ...
 m_ginputM_GINPUT - ginput for use with m_map - returns longitude and latitude
 m_velocity_arrowUsage: [arrow_handle, text_handle, location] = m_velocity_arrow( ...
 map_errorMAP_ERROR - calculates mapping error for a given set of radial sites
 mindistMINDIST - computes minimum distances between points.
 mindist1DMINDIST1D - computes minimum distances between numbers.
 npsmat2hfrcNPSMAT2HFRC - convert NPS-style mat files to HFRC object.
 osu_weightsOSU_WEIGHTS - Generate OSU weights.
 perimetrPERIMETER Perimeter (length) of a polygon.
 pl33PL33 - Generate pl33 weights
 pl64PL64 - Generate pl64 weights.
 plot_tide_ellipsesPLOT_TIDE_ELLIPSES - a function to plot up tidal ellipses from CODAR
 raddata2hfrcRADDATA2HFRC - convert NPS-style RADDATA files to HFRC objects.
 t_ellipseT_ELLIPSE - Returns coordinates of an ellipse given the parameters
 tuv2hfrcTUV2HFRC - convert Dan Atwater style .tuv text files to HFRC objects.
 varimaxVARIMAX - Rotate EOF's according to varimax algorithm
 velocity_arrowUsage: [arrow_handle, text_handle, location] = velocity_arrow( velocity, scale, units, location )

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