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FORMAT4_2HFRC - convert text total vector files (format 4) to HFRC


function h = format4_2hfrc( filelist, eps2, rsp, rsn )


 FORMAT4_2HFRC - convert text total vector files (format 4) to HFRC

 Usage: hfrc_obj = format4_2hfrc( filelist, eps, radSitePositions, radSiteNames )

 filelist is a string or cell array of strings.  The strings may contain
 wildcards or the names of entire directories.

 Files should be format 4.  eps is the maximum distance in kms below which
 two grid points are considered equal. It is set to the floating point
 relative accuracy if absent.  Make sure eps is small enough that you never
 have two grid points in the same file unite to become one - this will
 probably cause errors.

 radSitePositions is the position of the radial sites used to generate
 the total vector maps in the order that they appear in the data file.
 This argument is optional.  If given, then the MapErr_speed will be
 calculated using the function map_error. 

 The final hfrc object is time and space sorted before being returned.


     $Id: format4_2hfrc.m,v 1.9 2003-10-02 00:03:04 dmk Exp $    

 Copyright (C) 2001 David M. Kaplan
 Licence: GPL



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