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RUV2HFRC - convert text radial files produced by HFRadarmap Toolbox


function h = RUV2hfrc( filelist, eps2, rfunc )


 RUV2HFRC - convert text radial files produced by HFRadarmap Toolbox 
 to HFRC object.

 Usage: hfrc_obj = RUV2hfrc( filelist, eps, rfunc )

 This function reads in a series of radial data files and puts them into
 an HFRC object.  The files should be in RUV (aka COUGR) format already.

 filelist can be either a string or cell array of strings.  The strings
 can be directory names, in which case all files in that directory will
 be attempted, but the strings CANNOT contain wildcards.

 eps is distance in kms below which two grid points are considered equal.
 It is set to the floating point relative accuracy if absent.  Make sure
 eps is small enough that you never have two grid points in the same file
 unite to become one - this will probably cause errors.

 rfunc is the function to use for reading the radial data files.
 Defaults to 'RUVread', but could also be 'WERAread'.

 The final hfrc object is time sorted before being returned.  Relevant
 information about the original files, such as the location and name of
 initial radial sites and the names of all the files read, is included
 in hfrc_obj.info.

 NOTE: The radial uncertainties are placed in hfrc_obj.U_error for lack
 of a better place.


     $Id: RUV2hfrc.m,v 1.11 2006-12-18 15:22:35 dmk Exp $    

 Copyright (C) 2001 David M. Kaplan
 Licence: GPL



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