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PLOT - Plots information about HFRC objects.


function [hndl,t] = plot( h, t, varargin )


 PLOT - Plots information about HFRC objects.

 This is a generic method that will plot information about an HFRC
 object.  It is assumed that you have already used basemap to produce a
 background map.

 Usage: handle = plot( hfrc_obj, 'percent_coverage', ... )
        handle = plot( hfrc_obj, timestep, scale, ... )
        handle = plot( hfrc_obj, 'grid', ... )

 In the first form, a percent coverage map will be generated using
 colordot.  ... represents further arguments to that
 function. percent_coverage can be abbreviated perc.  handle will be a
 set of handles to the colored dots.

 In the second form, a total vector map will be generated.  timestep can be
 a number between 1 and size(hfrc_obj,1) (# of timesteps), in which case,
 that timestep will be displayed.  If timestep is greater than
 size(hfrc_obj,1), then it is assumed that the number represents a datenum
 and the timestep with the date closest to that date will be displayed.
 timestep can also be a string of a form acceptable by datenum, in which
 case the closest timestep to that date will be displayed.  scale is how
 much to scale the total vectors by.  ... represent further arguments to
 the quiver function.

 In the third form, the grid points of the HFRC object will be
 plotted. ... represents further arguments to the plot function, such as


     $Id: plot.m,v 1.13 2006-06-30 21:42:53 dmk Exp $    

 Copyright (C) 2001 David M. Kaplan
 Licence: GPL (Gnu Public License)



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