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INTERPT_FILL - Temporal interpolation of radar data.


function hc2 = interpT_fill( hc, interp_all, gd, varargin )


 INTERPT_FILL - Temporal interpolation of radar data.

 This function fills in the holes in HFRC object data using the matlab
 interp1 function on the temporal dimension - ie. it interpolates in
 time, ignoring the space dimension.  

 Usage: hfrc_obj = interpT_fill( hfrc_obj, interp_all, pc, ... )

 where pc is the minimum decimal percent good data of a grid point needed
 for interpretation to be worthwhile - default is 0.3. Grid points that
 have less than this percent coverage will be left untouched!!!  Note that
 this is (by necessity) different from the behavior of interpT.

 interp_all is a boolean that expresses whether or not to interpolate all
 variables that have a temporal component (such as U_error).  By default,
 interp_all is false, which causes only U and V to be interpolated.  It
 can also be a string (see interpT help for details).

 ... represents arguments to be passed directly to interp1, such as the
 method, extrapolation value, etc.  See interp1 for more details.

 This function leaves sparse things sparse and full things full.  It is
 probable that you will want to apply fullHFRC before or after this
 function to reduce storage space.


     $Id: interpT_fill.m,v 1.8 2004-06-23 00:36:01 dmk Exp $    

 Copyright (C) 2001 David M. Kaplan
 Licence: GPL



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