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function h = interp2Scattered( h, i_all, c )


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 INTERP2SCATTERED - HFRC method for interp2Scattered.

 This function spatially interpolates HFRC data using the
 interp2Scattered algolrithm.  

 Usage: hfrc_obj = interp2Scattered( hfrc_obj, all )
        hfrc_obj = interp2Scattered( hfrc_obj, all, coords )

 where all can be either a boolean, in which case 0 means only
 interpolate U & V and 1 means interpolate all relevant variables, or it
 can be the string name of a variable to interpolate, in which case the
 functions returns just that variable and does not alter the HFRC
 object.  Default for all is 0.

 If coords is included, it should be a 2 column vector of long, lat
 coordinates of the new grid points.  If it is not included, it is
 assumed that you wish to use the same grid, but merely fill in bad data
 points using surrounding data.  This method will only actually
 interpolate bad data, leaving everything else alone.

 This function will only utilize good data for the interpolation.


     $Id: interp2Scattered.m,v 1.5 2003-04-02 00:56:07 dmk Exp $    

 Copyright (C) 2001 David M. Kaplan
 Licence: GPL



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