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FILTERT - Temporal filtering of radar data.


function [ hc, nt ] = filterT( hc, filter_all, filt_func, B, A, varargin )


 FILTERT - Temporal filtering of radar data.

 This function filters HFRC object data using the matlab filter function on
 the temporal dimension - ie. it filters in time, ignoring the space

 Usage: [ hfrc_obj, matlab_time ] = filterT( hfrc_obj, filter_all, B, A, ... )
        [ hfrc_var, matlab_time ] = filterT( hfrc_obj, name_hfrc_var, B, A, ... )
        [ hfrc_obj, frequency ] = filterT( hfrc_obj, filter_all, B, A, ... )
        [ hfrc_var, frequency ] = filterT( hfrc_obj, name_hfrc_var, B, A, ... )

        ... = filterT( ARG1, ARG2, name_filter_function, B, A, ... ) 

 where filter_all is a boolean that expresses whether or not to filter
 all variables that have a temporal component (such as U_error).
 The default is filter_all==0, in which case only U and V are filtered.

 name_hfrc_var is the string name of a single HFRC variable
 (U,V,U_error,etc.) that you wish to be put through the filter and
 returned.  In this case, the HFRC object is neither returned nor altered.

 B and A are best explained in the filter command help.

 ... represents arguments to be passed directly to filter.  See filter for
 more details.

 If a second output argument is given, matlab_time or frequency, depending
 on the temporal_domain of hfrc_obj, is also put through the same filter
 and returned separately.

 The FINAL USAGE of the function takes an extra argument,
 name_filter_function, which should be a string or function handle of an
 alternate filter function to use instead of the standard filter function
 (such as 'filttappered' or 'filtfilt').  The function must accept
 arguments in the same was as filter and behave similarly.  In this case,
 extra arguments are also passed to that function.

 NOTE: Matlab requires that matrices be full to use filter, so fullHFRC
 is applied before filtering.


     $Id: filterT.m,v 1.13 2003-11-24 18:57:34 dmk Exp $    

 Copyright (C) 2001 David M. Kaplan
 Licence: GPL



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