Assorted Notes

Discussion of Wind Shear Calculation:  Short discussion of how to properly calculate the total wind shear vector.

EOFs and Rotated EOFs:  Contains code, basic discussion and useful links.

Making RPMs:  Some basic instructions and hints for generating RPMs - packages for installation on a variety of Linux systems.

Winmodem/Linmodem: Getting Dell Inspiron 2650 Winmodem to work in linux. (old, but still useful)

Linux Font Problems with OpenOffice:  This might help solve your OpenOffice antialiasing and font selection problems. (probably not relevant any more)

Apt+RPM Usage and Problems: Does your apt + rpm installation hang?  Mine did - here is how to fix it. (old, but still useful)

Protégé+OWL+Imports: How to properly do imports when creating OWL ontologies in Protégé. (this might be old now)

Calculating Coherence Significance
: A quick note on how to calculate the significance of the coherence between two series with an emphasis on matlab.

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