David M. Kaplan
  Assistant Researcher
Institute of Marine Sciences
UCSC / Ocean Sciences
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Phone: +1 831 459 4789
Fax: +1 831 459 4882
Office: Earth & Marine Sciences A415


My research currently focuses on modeling the effects of marine reserves on fish populations.  In particular, we are looking at how marine reserve design relates to sustainability, conservation and community structure of marine populations with distinct dispersal and reproductive potentials.  We are using both (more) traditional and GIS-based modeling approaches.

I am also studying the effects of oceanographic processes, such as upwelling/relaxation, diurnal cycles and internal tidal waves, on temporal and spatial patterns of larval settlement.  Using sea-surface currents derived from HF-Radar data, we are looking at (relatively) small scale circulation patterns and their effect on larval transport.


Curriculum Vitae:  In HTML format. My CV is also available in PDF format: English version, French version, Spanish version

Matlab Mini-course:  A set of lectures that introduce programming in Matlab.
Old Matlab Mini-course: Set of lectures from 2002.
Old Bigurchin Instructions:  Old instructions for using the Bigurchin Model (written by Dale Lockwood).  These are only relevant if you are using the C version of the bigurchin model.  Instructions for the matlab version are not yet available.

Software Projects:  I am working on a couple of projects that might be useful to others, particularly those working in ecology and other sciences.  Downloads available here.

Notes and Documentation:  Here I keep notes about things that I have figured out that might be useful to others, such as solutions to random math, science and computer problems.  The proverbial kitchen drawer.

Work FTP Site:  This is were I store my work related material.  Password protected!!
Download Settlement Data:  Also password protected.
CODAR data for WEST Project:  Also password protected.

Useful Links:  Some sites I find interesting.

Personal Interests:  Some more personal pages.  Wedding stuff, photos...

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