Kate, Jodie, Christie, Ben and Pride on the highway through Blaaskrans farm, Naukluft Nappe Complex.
Welcome to my website.
I study: fluid flow in faults, granular flow in faults, and catastrophic structural/geochemical events in faults. My teaching and research practices are field-based. I combine my field observations with numerical modeling techniques to better understand how seismic events destroy, deform, and create fault rock. These processes create the rock record of pre-historic earthquakes, drive ore mineralization in fault-hosted deposits, and ultimately control the evolution of orogens and the strength of the lithosphere.

Please visit my page at McGill University for more information.

Dr. Christie D. Rowe
Earth & Planetary Sciences Department, Frank Dawson Adams Building 130B
3450 University Street, Montreal, QC, Canada H3A 2A7
tel: 514 398 2769
fax: 514 398 4680