Christine Houser

Title: Research Fellow as PI on the NSF 2010-2012 NSF  Geophysics grant “Probing the outer core for a stratified layer”

Location: UC Santa Cruz, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Project:  Unifying theory of the Earth’s interior

Alma Maters:  Graduate - UCSD - SIO - IGPP 
                           Undergraduate - Rice

Contact:  cthouser -at- ucsc(dot)edu

Favorite rock:  Mantle xenolith

Favorite velocity model:  HMSL - S06 and P06 of course!  (see models)

Favorite animal:  Frog

Former Title: UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow


About me
My research

Tomographic Models

Discontinuity Topography

Tomographic Model Analysis

Coming Soon! 
3D lower mantle temperature and chemistry models


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I have been interested in Earth sciences for about as long as I can remember. I am very fortunate to be engaged in exploring the physical state of the Earth's interior using the latest seismic and mineral physics data. Currently, I am collaborating with Quentin Williams to understand 410 and 660 km discontinuity complexity and the origins of deep mantle heterogeneity. For more information please see my research links.
I am also a bit fanatic about improving elementary science education. I loved working with San Diego teachers and students as part of the Partnerships Involving the Scientific Community in Elementary Schools (PISCES) program. At Scripps I helped found and lead the Scripps Community Outreach Program for Education (SCOPE). However, there is much to be done, and I am excited about the recent initiation of an UCSC outreach group, Graduate and Seagate Researchers offer Outreach Workshops (GROW). GROW is poised to be a great resource for Santa Cruz science educators and graduate students who enjoy sharing their science with the community.
Note: Yes, I have changed my name from Reif. Houser is my maiden name, so I will publish with it now and in the future.