Paytan Biogeochemistry Lab

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Laboratory Staff

Katie Roberts - The use of oxygen isotope composition of phosphate to shed light on phosphorus dynamics in soils

Helen Cooper - Evaluating human impacts on coastal and marine ecosystems to promote efficient and sustainable stakeholder management practices

Ph.D. Students

Kimberley Bitterwolf - Geochemistry in River Drainage Basins

Kyle H. Broach - isotopes as proxies for paleoclimate, tracers for transport, and indicators of large-scale changes in earth systems generally

Galen Gorski - Denitrification in infiltrating groundwater.

Esra Mescioglu - Microbial communities in aerosols and their effects on the ecosystems

Joe Murray - Submarine groundwater discharge and the cycling of nitrogen and trace metals

Christina Richardson - Groundwater and interconnected surface water quality and biogeochemistry

Assistant Project Scientist

Barbara Balestra - Ecology of extant coccolithophores, biostratigraphy, paleoceanographic and paleoclimate reconstructions in the Pliocene, Pleistocene and Holocene

Post Docs

Nadine Heck - Desalination plants - Impacts on coastal ecology, public perception, and public policy (NSF Coastal SEES track 1)

Joe Fackrell - C, N, P, and S compound concentrations, fluxes, and stable isotope compositions in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Michael Tatzel - Mg, Sr, and Ca isotopes in Microbial Dolomites

Visiting Students

Susan Pitt - Sr isotopes across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Undergraduate Researchers

Alex Osleger - Alex works with Katie Roberts to study how pedogenesis affects the biological availability of phosphorus.

Carolyn Brady - Carolyn works with Kimberley Bitterwolf on the global groundwater project, and with Christina Richardson on constraining Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta exports

Frankie Lon - Helping with general lab work

Adina and Alanna

Adina and Alanna in Alaska 2012

Joe and Abbey

Joe and Abbey in the Gulf of CA

adina at Chocolates

Adina with moustache at 2011 Holiday dinner


Adina and Kate on Poseidon's shoulders in Bermuda

Alanna on MB

Alanna on Monterey Bay

karen digging in the sand

Karen digging groundwater pits in Hawaii


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