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Outreach Programs

The Paytan Lab is strongly committed to outreach and various programs are highlighted here. Links to the left will take you to the different outreach program pages.

**Check out this awesome YouTube video of the 2012 AGU Bright STaRS session. A few of our own High School summer interns are highlighted! Click here. **

Click here to see pics of our lab's participation at the Oct 2011 SACNAS National Conference. The conference, "Empowering Innovation & Synergy Through Diversity", took place in the heart of Silicon Valley—San Jose, California—the birthplace of the world's high-tech industry. From October 27-30, 2011 over 3,600 attendees participated in for four days of scientific research presentations, professional development, networking, exhibits, culture, and community.

Click here to see pics from the ¡Youth and the Ocean! program. This program, in a partnership with the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley, seeks to provide ocean sciences research opportunities to underrepresented high school students, as well as training and practice in mentoring for geosciences graduate students, and to develop and field test an effective geosciences education model for university marine science laboratories. For more information about this program, click here.

Click here for a Jan 2011 "Girls Changing Science" article about Claire Dworsky, a 9-yr old who conducted her own research project in our lab. And here for another article (from the same site) about where our drinking water comes from.

Click here for a Nov 2010 UCSC news article about the Communicating Science course taught by Adina here at UCSC, with Earth and Ocean Science graduate students teaching science to 4th graders at Soquel Elementary School.

6/15/09 -- Genevieve Perkins, a senior majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology, wrote an article in spring 2009 for SCIC 160: Introduction to Science Writing on work done in our lab on aerosol impacts on marine phytoplankton.

YO field trip High school interns at MBARI Megan doing an experiment for elementary students
Adina helping YO students with an intertidal species count High school interns enjoy a field trip to the Monterey Bay Area Research Institute (MBARI) Graduate student Megan Young teaching students in the Geokids program
student viewing mud sem High school intern weighing silver capsules at UCSC Adina teaching a group of first grade students
High school intern engrossed in microscopy work High school intern weighing silver capsules for the mass spectrometer Adina teaching first graders
John LaRivier with students from West Lake Elementary school    
UCSC graduate student teaching elementary students in Communicating Science program    

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