Lab Facilities
Paytan Biogeochemisty Lab

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A broad array of analytical facilities are available at UCSC. For more information, see:

Facilities at UCSC's Institute of Marine Science

Click here for a list of standard operating procedures used by our lab.

The Paytan Lab at UC Santa Cruz recently moved into the much larger space of the what used to be the Electron Microscopy lab in the Earth & Marine Science building. This large lab space is now being used for general sample prep and analysis, foram counting, phophorous analysis and barite sample preparation. There are also a number of adjoining rooms that are being used for glassware cleaning/waste storage, sample storage, and a small student office space. In addition, we are still using a connected lab room for radium-counting, and an upstairs room for staging field trip preparation.

The Main Lab - EMS C230

full lab full lab2

Barite Preparation area - EMS C230

barite area barite hood

Foram Counting area - EMS C230

foram bench1 foram bench2

The Radium lab - EMS C236

The Radium Lab with Radium counters radium bench

Field Work Staging room - EMS C453

C453 staging1 C453 staging2

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