Paytan Biogeochemisty Lab

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What's Going On in the Paytan Lab

Lab Calender

Click here to go to the Goggle Calender login page. Login (lab personnel only) to add your events or just to view the lab calender to see people's schedule - when they are using lab hoods, when they are in the field, when they are on vacation, etc.

Lab Meetings

Lab meetings are held on Tues, from 9:00-10:00 am in the IGPP conference room (C332 - Earth and Marine Science Building)

Presenters are expected to either present a 30-45 minute talk on a topic of their choice (not necessarily research-related), or arrange for an outside speaker. In addition, presenters are in charge of bringing a light refreshment for the group.

Lab Presenters and Lab Cleaning Schedule

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UCSC 2012-2013 Academic Year Calendar

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