High School Summer Internship
Paytan Biogeochemisty Lab

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The High School Internship Program

High school students spend at least 6-8 weeks (15-30 hours each week) in the summer working in different science laboratories. The students work on research projects and are supervised directly by graduate students, post docs or other researchers. This program enables graduate students to serve as mentors, prepares high schools students for college and serves to strengthen the partnership between UCSC and local high schools. The application period is between February and March each year.

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*NOTE: The 2014 submission period is now closed..

For more information about the High School Internship program, students, teachers or parents may contact Dr. Adina Paytan at apaytan@ucsc.edu

For info about SIP, another UCSC highschool internship program in the fields of Astronomy/Astrophysics and other STEM fields, click here.

**News! Riddhi Sangam, Saratoga High school gets 2014 HSSI Outstanding Intern Award!

Riddhi Sangam

Riddhi Sangam, Saratoga High school gets 2014 HSSI Outstanding Intern Award

interns yvonne and lillian high school intern

High school interns Yvonne and Lillian in the lab

High school intern Sophie working at Long Marine Lab

high school intern wesley intern preparing samples

High school intern Wesley at the computer

Cleo Chung, a summer intern from Los Altos High School, prepares samples

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