Education for Climate Change
Adaptation and Resilience

In the coming decades, climate change will have an increasing impact on human and natural systems. In a warmer world, accessibility to food, water, raw materials, and energy are likely to change. Human health, biodiversity, economic stability, and national security are also expected to be affected by climate change. To build sustainable communities that are resilient to climate change—including extreme weather and climate events— and to protect fragile ecosystems - a climate-literate citizenry is essential. Our team of climate scientists and science education specialists from the University of California are leveraging our synergistic international collaborations to develop an - Education for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience – program. This program will improve climate literacy to provide society with the scientific foundation to take informed actions to minimize climate impacts and prepare for changes that are already well underway.

There are currently few coherent frameworks or models for effective climate change education. We are developing and implementing a scalable and transferable model of collaboration between scientists and educators to build their capacity to share locally relevant climate knowledge through highly effective education and outreach efforts. We have successfully implemented such programs in South Africa, Australia, Madagascar, and Brazil and our team has both climate research and communication and education expertise which together will expand climate literacy through effective teaching, learning and communications practices. Our program will increase the number of regional communities that include climate change in their education portfolio as well as global Climate Change literacy for all participating groups. This will lead to increased local policy initiatives in support of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Citizens who have an understanding of climate science will be better prepared to respond to both the economic and environmental challenges as well as the opportunities that Climate change will bring.


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