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This page contains links to digital appendices and other information associated with peer-reviewed publications available in the open literature. Choose from the list of links below.

Code and Examples from: Winslow, Fisher, Becker, Characterizing borehole fluid flow and formation permeability in the ocean crust using linked analytic models and Markov Chain Monte Carlo analysis, J. Geophys. Res., doi 10.1002/ggge.20241, 2013.

Cookbook, codes, and supporting documentation for SlugSed: The influence of sedimentation, local and regional hydrothermal circulation, and thermal rebound on measurements of heat flux from young seafloor, J. Geophys. Res., 112, B12101, doi:10.1029/2007JB005022(2007)

Comment on Hofmeister, A. M., R. E. Criss, Earth's heat flux revised and linked to chemistry, Tectonophys. 395, 159-177, 2005, by Von Herzen et al. (2005)

Plots of heat flow data from Fisher, A., Giambalvo, E.,  Sclater, J.,  Kastner, M., Ransom, B., Weinstein, Y., and Lonsdale, P., Heat flow, sediment and pore fluid chemistry, and hydrothermal circulation on the east flank of Alarcon Ridge, Gulf of California, Earth Planet Sci. Lett., 188: 521-534, 2001. [PDF of complete publication]

Digital Appendix to Pribnow et al. (2000), "Borehole heat flow along the eastern flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, including effects of anisotropy and temperature dependence of sediment thermal conductivity"

Digital data for Saffer et al. (2000), "Inferred pore pressures at the Costa Rica subduction zone: implications for dewatering processes"

Extended version (including displays of individual data points) of Fisher, A., Von Herzen, R. P., Blum, P., Hoppie,B., Wang,K., Evidence may indicate recent warming of shallow slope bottom water off New Jersey shore, EOS, Trans. Am. Geophys. Union, 80: 165, 172-173, 1999.


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