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Andy Fisher and Rachel Lauyer (postdoc) rig a flowmeter for water column testing in Summer 2013 on the R/V Atlantis.

Some current and recent Hydrogeology grads at Tess Russo's defense, July 2012. Left to right: D. Winslow, T. Russo, A. Fisher, C. Schmidt, A. Racz

Many of the UCSC hydrogeology group after a weekly meeting in January 2012. Left to right: B. Daniels, A. Lecher, A. Racz, T. Russo, C. Richardson, D. Winslow, A. Slovacek, P. Ganguli, B. Taylor.

Calla Schmidt and her reading committee, after her defense, C. Kendall, A. Paytan, C. Schmidt, A. Fisher, C. G. Wheat

Selected hydrogeology grads at Christine Hatch's defense, 2007. Left to right: R. Sigler, C. Ruehl, C. Hatch, A. Fisher

Hydrogeology grads at Mike Hutnak's defense, 2007. Left to right: C. Schmidt, C. Ruehl, M. Hutnak, R. Sigler, A. Fisher, C. Hatch.

At sea on IODP Expedition 301, Summer 2004, standing in front of the top of a CORK being deployed in Hole 1301B. Left to right: Tetsuro Urabe (U Tokyo), Geoff Wheat (U Alaska Fairbanks), Keir Becker (U Miami), Andy Fisher

Graduate Student Mike Hutnak inspects core from the upper oceanic crust on IODP Expedition 301, Summer 2004.

Undergraduate researcher Randy Goetz collects sediment samples from the dry bed of the Pajaro River in Fall 2003.

UCSC Hydrogeology research group, Spring 2002.

Left to right: Chris Ruehl, Christine Hatch, Glenn Spinelli, Andy Fisher, Mike Hutnak. Missing: Abdellah Cherkaoui, Patrice Friedmann.

Glenn Spinelli's thesis committee, after the successful defense, Spring 2002.

Graduate student researchers Chris Ruehl and Christine Hatch auger holes for piezometers in the Pajaro River, Fall 2001.

Heat flow team during the 2001 TicoFlux expedition: (L to R) Rob Harris (U Utah, now OSU), Andy Fisher, Carol Stein (U Illinois Chicago), Abdellah Cherkaoui, Marion Pfender (U Bremen), Eli Silver, Mike Hutnak, Kelin Wang (PGC, GSC).

Left to right: Mike Field (USGS), Andy Fisher, Glenn Spinelli, Russ Flegal

UCSC Hydrogeology research group and guests, Spring 2001, after Emily's defense.
Left to right: Len and Liane Giambalvo (so proud!), Glenn Spinelli, Emily Giambalvo, Josh Stein, Carl Steefel (LLNL), Andy Fisher

Mike Hutnak and Abdellah Cherkaoui ponder the complexities of marine heat flow analysis on the R/V Thomas G Thompson, RetroFlux expedition, Summer 2000.

Mike Hutnak measures sediment thermal conductivity on the R/V Thomas G Thompson, RetroFlux expedition, Summer 2000.

Emily Giambalvo, Josh Stein, and Andy Fisher on the sheeted dikes of the ophiolite on Cyprus, NSF-RIDGE Field School, Summer 1999.

Glenn Spinelli recovers push cores from SF Bay in Spring 1999.

UCSC Hydrogeology research group, Fall 1998.

Left to right, back to front: Andy Fisher, Deb Underwood, Glenn Spinelli, Emily Giambalvo, Josh Stein, Phil Stauffer, Jon Erskine. What a team!


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