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Here are ways to waste a lot of time...

Neil Young

"In history, we painted pictures grim,

The devil knows we may feel that way again,

The big wind blows, and so the tall grass bends..."

The Human Highway, a Neil Young site and mailing list

Hyper Rust (it never sleeps)

Lyric Archive (search by title, album, etc.)


Palm Pilot

The Newton is history, but the Palm device is pretty slick, interfaces nicely with a Mac.

The Palm Tree - FAQs and links

Palm Computing headquarters


Home Brewing (thanks, Jimmy Carter, for making this legal)

The last batch took a long time to carbonate, but it tasted pretty good, definitely need to start another batch soon...

Microbrewing site, links, products


Get Some News

The New York Times

The New Republic

The Onion


Music and Other Media Reviews





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