Eart146: Groundwater
last taught Spring 2016; next taught Spring 2019, and annually thereafter...
Eart116: Hydrology being taught each year by Dr. Zimmer.

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Notes are updated through Presentation 8, and homework posted through Problem set #3. I fixed a typo on answer sheet for Problem set #3 - correct on main problem set, error only on answer sheet. Compare points D and H (as on main set), not J and I.

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Some history: during most of the 2000s, I taught Eart116 (Hydrology) and Earth146 (Groundwater) at UCSC in alternating years. Now that Margaret Zimmer is covering Hydrology, I can focus on Groundwater, and we can offer both classes in each year. This should allow us to better keep up with demand for these popular courses.

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